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Speaker module and electronic device using the same
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1. A speaker module, comprising:
a housing, having a main segment and an extension segment connected to the main segment and extending away from the main segment, wherein the main segment and the extension segment communicate with each other and form a chamber;
a speaker unit, disposed in the housing in a position that is relative to the main segment; and
a modulating unit, arranged to correspond to the extension segment and positioned in the housing, wherein the shape of a cross section of the modulating unit is compatible with the shape of a cross section of the extension segment;
wherein a ratio of a length (L1) of the chamber, between the speaker unit and the modulating unit, a length (L2) of the modulating unit, and a length (L3) of the chamber, between the modulating unit and an end of the extension segment that is away from the speaker unit, is about 1:1:2.