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Topology-reconfigurable optical mobile fronthaul architecture with software-defined connectivity and hierarchical QoS
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1. A method comprising:
providing run-time optical mobile fronthaul (MFH) topology re-configurability through software-defined control of both optical circuit switches and electrical packet switches handling traffic patterns and latency optical by-pass based device-to-device connectivity, the providing comprising:
employing either an optical switch for wavelength-tunable transceivers or an optical switch for fixed-wavelength optical transceivers;
providing, with the wavelength-tunable optical transceivers, optical bypass functionality and optical-layer connectivity enabled by optical elements without wavelength tunability or software defined network SDN based control for optical multiplexer and demultiplexer components, or providing optical bypass functionality and optical-layer connectivity using the fixed wavelength optical transceivers without wavelength tunability or SDN-based control, through centralized wavelength tuning functionality of SDN-controlled wavelength-tunable optical demultiplexer elements; and
enabling, with optical circulators a bi-directional any-downlink/any-uplink optical transceiver connectivity and optical bypass functionality using single-fiber optical access between the circulators and mobile-side transceivers.