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Multi-camera dataset assembly and management with high precision timestamp requirements
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1. A device comprising:
a plurality of interfaces operable to receive streaming data from each of a plurality of image and non-image capture devices; and
timestamping logic implemented, at least in part, in hardware and coupled to the plurality of interfaces to generate and assign timestamp information to each set of data captured by individual capture devices of the plurality of image and non-image capture devices to indicate when the data was captured, wherein the timestamp information is synchronized to a single timestamp reference clock, wherein the timestamping logic is operable to assign timestamp information to data in each of a plurality of streaming video stream streams and to apply timestamp information to a plurality of samples captured by one or more non-image capture devices, and further wherein the processing logic is operable to identify frames from each of the plurality of streaming video streams and data in one or more non-video streams for inclusion into framesets based on assigned timestamps; and
a processing logic coupled to the timestamping logic to group image data from image capture devices with data from non-image capture devices using the timestamp information.