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8. A non-transitory computer readable storage medium having a computer program stored thereon which when executed by a computer cause the computer to execute processing including the steps of:
acquiring focused content information that relates to a selected content and comprises at least a genre and a title of the selected content, wherein the selected content is selected by a user via a cursor that interacts with a program guide showing a plurality of content items, the cursor being used to select one of the plurality of content items;
using content information about a plurality of other content, different from the selected content, to retrieve a content having a high degree of relation to the focused content information acquired from the selected content;
generating specification information based on the result of retrieval; and
displaying, simultaneously, at least one of the genre and the title of the selected content of the focused content information and the specification information, wherein the specification information is overlaid on the program guide and contains recommendations for a plurality of content options.