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Display device, information acquisition method, and information providing method
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1. A display device comprising:
a detection section which detects a presence of another display device, and acquires information from the another display device of a provision source of a function;
a function execution section which executes the function through a web browser, based on the information acquired from the another display device;
a communication section which establishes a connection with the another display device by the execution of the function by the function execution section through the web browser, and receives, from the another display device via the established connection, information of a content provision source; and
a display section which displays content that is obtained from the content provision source based on the information of the content provision received via the established connection,
wherein the information of the content provision source comprises a description of a script and the information of the provision source of the function, and is specified from content displayed on the another display device, and
wherein the detection section, the function execution section, the communication section, and the display section are each implemented via at least one processor.