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Broadcast signal receiver, method for providing broadcast signal relation information, and server
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1. An image signal receiver comprising:
a signal receiver configured to receive a signal comprising image content;
an image signal processor configured to process the received image content to display an image;
a communicator configured to communicate with servers; and
a processor configured to:
extract an identification information from the signal received from the signal receiver;
transmit the identification information to a first server;
in response to the transmitting the identification information to the first server, control reception, from the first server through the communicator, of first information comprising a condition for providing a supplemental content corresponding to the image content and second information comprising an address on a second server;
determine that the condition described in the first information is satisfied based on the signal received from the signal receiver;
control access to the second server based on the address comprised in the second information;
control reception of the supplemental content from the second server, and
control display of the image content and the supplemental content based on the determination.