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Set-top box device capable of providing electrical power to an antenna
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1. A set-top box device capable of providing electrical power to an antenna, wherein the antenna is electrically coupled to the set-top box device through a signal line and a power supply line, the set-top box device comprising:
an insulation housing having at least one lateral arranged thereon a through hole portion and at least one connection port hole;
a printed circuit board arranged in the insulation housing and including a power supply module and at least one connection port corresponding to the at least one connection port hole for electrically coupling to the signal line;
a metal portion arranged on the printed circuit board and including a locking hole corresponding to the through hole portion; and
a conductive locking member passing through the locking hole, the through hole portion, a conductive end portion of the power supply line, and the metal portion, so as to allow a current from the power supply module to be fed into the antenna via the conductive locking member,
wherein the power supply module feeds the current into the antenna through a connection of the metal portion, the conductive locking member, and the conductive end portion, and the current flows to a ground portion of the signal line, thereby forming a power supply loop.