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1. An apparatus comprising a plurality of independent physical computer systems arranged to cooperate to implement a virtual computer system,
the virtual computer system being arranged to communicate with multiple video display devices each of which has at least one screen, the video display devices having predefined relationships with a plurality of users whereby each of the users is associated with a respective sub-set of the display devices, and at least one of the respective sub-sets of display devices comprises a plurality of display devices;
the virtual computer system being arranged to communicate with a plurality of databases storing media content, and to deliver the media content selectively to the video display devices,
the virtual computer system being arranged to perform, for each said user, a respective process referred to as a cloudclone,
each cloudclone including:
respective threads for each of the corresponding sub-set of video display devices, which manage the transfer of media content to the corresponding sub-set of video display devices;
one or more applications which obtain media content from at least one of the databases; and
an inter device message bus which transfers content from the one or more applications selectively to the threads.