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Method and system for preselecting multimedia content
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8. A mobile device, comprising:
a processor;
a wireless interface coupled to the processor;
a memory device, coupled to the processor, including processor-executable program instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the mobile device to perform operations, comprising:
receiving, by a mobile device via a bidirectional connection comprising a wireless wide area network link between the mobile device and a wireless network and an access link between the set top box and an access network, available content information from the set top box, wherein the available content information is indicative of available content, wherein the available content comprises content made available to a subscriber by a service provider and accessible via a service provider network;
sending, to the set top box from the mobile device via the bidirectional connection, first user input indicative of a particular content;
adding a listing corresponding to the particular content to a user list; and
caching the particular content for subsequent play back.