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Method, apparatus and system for encoding and decoding video data
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1. A method of decoding a bit-stream of encoded video data in a video decoder using a codec, the method comprising:
determining if the bit-stream of encoded video data has extended precision processing enabled and has a bit-depth greater than nine bits, when a profile of the bit-stream of the encoded video data is determined to be unsupported by the video decoder using the codec, the encoded video data being encoded using the codec; and
applying a profile supported by the video decoder to the bit-stream to decode the bit-stream using the codec, the bit-stream having an unsupported profile of the codec and being decoded using the supported profile of the decoder, if the bit-stream has extended precision processing enabled and a bit depth greater than nine (9) bits, the decoded video data having differences to the video data encoded in the bit-stream due to the unsupported profile being different to the supported profile.