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Image processing device and method
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1. An image processing device comprising:
circuitry configured to
set, in a case a current quantization matrix is copied, as syntax whose semantics is set so that default quantization matrix is referred to as a condition that a value is 0, a difference value between a value of identification information identifying a reference quantization matrix and a value of identification information identifying the current quantization matrix;
set, in a case the current quantization matrix is not copied, a replacement difference coefficient, which is a difference between a replacement coefficient used to replace a (0, 0) coefficient of a 32×32 quantization matrix and a (0, 0) coefficient of an 8×8 quantization matrix, the 32×32 quantization matrix being obtained by using a nearest neighboring process against the 8×8 quantization matrix for up-converting;
quantize transform coefficient data obtained by orthogonal transforming an image, and generate quantized data; and
encode the generated quantized data and the replacement difference coefficient to generate encoded data, the encoded data including the replacement difference coefficient and the difference value.