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Arithmetic decoding device, arithmetic decoding method, arithmetic coding device, arithmetic coding method, and storage medium
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1. An arithmetic decoding device which decodes coded data of each transform coefficient which is obtained by performing frequency transform on a target image for each unit domain and each transform coefficient obtained through a transform skip or a transform/quantization bypass, the device comprising:
a context index deriving circuit that derives a context index of a nonzero transform coefficient presence/absence flag indicating whether or not the transform coefficient is 0 in a unit domain; and
a syntax decoding circuit that arithmetically decodes the non-zero transform coefficient presence/absence flag by referring to the derived context index,
wherein, in a case where a transform skip flag or the transform/quantization bypass flag is 1, the context index deriving circuit derives a context index which is common to transform unit sizes of 4×4 to 32×32, the context index being in relation to a non-zero coefficient presence/absence flag corresponding to each transform coefficient obtained by the transform skip or the transform/quantization bypass.