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Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding video using split layer
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1. A method performed by a video encoding apparatus for encoding a video in a unit of blocks, the method comprising:
encoding, into a bitstream, a first information indicating a minimum block size and a second information indicating an enlarging ratio relative to the minimum block size; and
dividing a square current block having a maximum block size into one or more subblocks which are equal to or larger than the minimum block size by a tree structure, and encoding, into the bitstream, partition information of the current block divided by the tree structure, wherein the maximum block size is identical to a size enlarged from the minimum block size by the enlarging ratio,
wherein the encoding of the partition information comprises:
encoding, into the bitstream, a partition flag indicating whether or not each node of the tree structure, starting from a node of an uppermost layer corresponding to the current block, is divided into four nodes of a lower layer,
wherein the partition flag indicating whether a node, which corresponds to a block having the minimum subblock size, is divided is not encoded into the bitstream.