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Data pruning for video compression using example-based super-resolution
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1. A method of video processing, comprising:
extracting patches of video from a received video signal;
clustering the patches into groups, wherein clustering is performed by:
finding a cluster having a minimum distance between each data point and a cluster center;
comparing said minimum distance to a threshold, and if larger than the threshold the data point is rejected, otherwise the data point is assigned to the cluster; and
re-calculating a mean of the data points assigned to the cluster to determine an updated center of each cluster, after all data points are assigned, wherein frame identification and position of the patches within each cluster are retained;
downsizing the original video;
packing representative patches from the groups into patch frames at their corresponding positions;
assigning unassigned patches to empty blocks in the patch frames according to a metric based on neighboring blocks;
creating another patch frame if unassigned patches remain;
assigning a constant to additional empty blocks within a patch frame;
dividing patch frames by using a staggering sampling process; and
transmitting the downsized original video with the divided patch frames to a decoder.