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Devices and methods for context reduction in last significant coefficient position coding
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1. A method of video coding, the method comprising:
generating a context model comprising at least a first context, a second context, and a third context, wherein the context model comprises:
the first context assigned to a first significant bin for a 4×4 block, a first and second significant bins for an 8×8 block, and a first, second, third and fourth most significant bins for a 16×16 block,
the second context assigned to a second significant bin for the 4×4 block, a third and fourth significant bins for the 8×8 block, and a fifth, sixth and seventh significant bins for the 16×16 block, and
the third context assigned to a third significant bin for the 4×4 block and a fifth significant bin for the 8×8 block;
entropy coding, using the context model, a position of a last non-zero coefficient of a first video block having a size corresponding to one of the 4×4 block, the 8×8 block, or the 16×16 block; and
entropy coding transform coefficients of the video block.