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Method for accelerated restitution of audio content and associated device
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1. A method of restitution of audio content in a receiver of audio and/or audiovisual content at one of a nominal or accelerated restitution speed, said receiver being adapted to the restitution of said audio content, said audio content being received encoded and containing a succession of frames of audio samples and pointer type information on at least one portion of the audio samples of said frames, said pointer type information identifying at least one first sub-set of audio samples from said frames to be restituted during accelerated restitution, and at least one second sub-set of audio samples from said frames to be truncated during accelerated restitution, wherein said method comprises: during the accelerated restitution, selecting audio samples of said first sub-set to be restituted during accelerated restitution and omitting samples of said second sub-set; and restituting said selected audio samples of said first sub-set.