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Photoelectric conversion apparatus
Satoshi Kato, Kawasaki (JP)
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1. A system comprising:
a photoelectric conversion apparatus including a plurality of pixel arrays, each pixel array including a plurality of pixels, each pixel corresponding to each of colors different from each other, and a pulse controlling unit generating a control pulse for the pixel array;
an analog-to-digital converter configured to convert into a digital signal from an analog signals outputted from the photoelectric conversion apparatus;
a signal processing unit configured to receive the digital signal from the analog-to-digital converter; and
a color offset calculating unit configured to receive a signal from the signal processing unit, wherein
the plurality of pixel arrays are arranged each abutting side by side along a first direction, the plurality of pixels in each of the pixel arrays are arranged along a second direction different from the first direction,
the photoelectric conversion apparatus scans a document relatively in the first direction, and
the pulse controlling unit receives a color offset signal from the color offset calculating unit.