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Handling requests when available channel selectors are in use
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1. A method executable by a television receiver device having a digital video recorder and. a plurality of television tuners that receive television programs via a plurality of different frequency bands, the method comprising:
receiving, at the television receiver device, a request from a viewer to obtain a first television program that is currently broadcast on a first channel of a first one of the different frequency bands;
determining, by the television receiver device, that all available television. tuners of the television receiver device are already tuned to receive other television channels that are broadcast on different frequency bands other than the first frequency band so that the television receiver device is not able to receive the first television. program without disrupting reception of the other television channels;
selecting, utilizing the television receiver device, a presentation option other than the first television program that the television receiver device can provide in. response to the request for the first television program, the presentation option including an option to present a different program that was previously stored on the digital video recorder of the television receiver device; and
providing by the television receiver device, the presentation option to a presentation device for presentation to the viewer.