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Information processing apparatus and recording apparatus selection method
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1. An information processing apparatus, comprising:
a first interface connected to a general purpose tuner through a communication network;
a second interface directly connected to a dedicated tuner;
a tuner information acquisition unit which acquires information of channels which can be individually viewed through the general purpose tuner and the dedicated tuner as tuner information,
wherein a set of channels viewed through the general purpose tuner are different than a set of channels viewed through the dedicated tuner;
an acceptance unit which accepts a user operation for designating a viewing target channel; and
a selection unit which determines, when the user operation is accepted, a priority of each of the general purpose tuner and the dedicated tuner in response to the tuner information and selects that one of the tuners which has a comparatively high priority as a tuner to be used for viewing of the viewing target channel;
the selection unit setting a comparatively high priority to the dedicated tuner when the viewing target channel can be viewed through both of the general purpose tuner and the dedicated tuner.