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Solid-state imaging device
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1. A solid-state imaging device comprising
pixels arranged two-dimensionally, each of the pixels including:
a metal electrode;
a photoelectric conversion layer that is on the metal electrode and converts light into an electrical signal;
a transparent electrode on the photoelectric conversion layer; an electric charge accumulation region that is electrically connected to the metal electrode and accumulates electric charges from the photoelectric conversion layer;
an amplifier transistor that applies a signal voltage according to an amount of the electric charges in the electric charge accumulation region; and
a reset transistor that resets electrical potential of the electric charge accumulation region, wherein
the reset transistor includes a gate oxide film thicker than a gate oxide film of the amplifier transistor, and
the reset transistor has a gate to which a voltage to turn off the reset transistor is applied, the voltage, when applied to the gate, collecting carriers, under the gate of the reset transistor, different from majority carriers of the electric charge accumulation region, the carriers to be collected being one of electrons and holes, the majority carriers being the other one of electrons and holes, and
a power source circuit that applies a voltage to the transparent electrode, wherein the power source circuit includes a transistor including a gate oxide film thicker than the gate oxide film of the reset transistor.