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Image sensor, imaging device, endoscope, and endoscopic system
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1. An image sensor comprising:
a plurality of photoelectric conversion pixels arranged in a two-dimensional matrix form, each of the plurality of photoelectric conversion pixels being configured to receive light from outside and accumulate a charge corresponding to an amount of received light;
an imaging signal generator comprising:
a conversion circuit configured to convert the charge accumulated in each of the plurality of pixels into an imaging signal;
a noise eliminating circuit configured to eliminate a noise component included in the imaging signal; and
an output circuit configured to output the imaging signal from the conversion circuit; and
a reference signal generator comprising a circuit having a same structure as that of at least one of the conversion circuit, the noise eliminating circuit, and the output circuit of the imaging signal, the circuit included in the reference signal generator being configured to generate a reference signal having a fluctuation component with a same phase as the imaging signal generated by the imaging signal generator.