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Imaging module and electronic device
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1. An imaging module, comprising:
an image stabilizing movable portion which has a lens group and a magnetic member;
an imaging element which images a subject through the lens group;
an elastic support portion which supports the image stabilizing movable portion so as to be movable in a direction perpendicular to an optical axis of the lens group and to be inclinable around an axis perpendicular to the optical axis; and
a suppression portion which mechanically prevents inclination of the image stabilizing movable portion,
wherein the suppression portion has,
an extension portion which is provided in the image stabilizing movable portion and extends in an outer circumferential direction of the image stabilizing movable portion, and
a guide portion which overlaps the extension portion when viewed from the direction of the optical axis, and prevents inclination of the image stabilizing movable portion by coming into contact with the extension portion,
wherein the guide portions are provided on both of the subject side and the imaging element side of the extension portion.