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Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and camera
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1. An image processing apparatus that generates a joined image by joining a plurality of textures based on a plurality of images, the image processing apparatus comprising:
a frame memory into which the plurality of textures that form the joined image are written;
a first derivation unit that derives a first motion vector based on a first texture, the first texture being a partial area or an entire area of an image captured by an image pickup unit that captures the plurality of images;
a second derivation unit that derives a second motion vector based on a second texture by using a derivation result of the first derivation unit, the second texture having a pixel size smaller than that of the first texture;
a determination unit that determines which one of the first texture and the second texture is to be written into the frame memory, according to a horizontal component and a vertical component of the second motion vector; and
a texture writing unit that writes, into the frame memory, the second texture at a position corresponding to the second motion vector.