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Image photographing apparatus and image photographing method for generating a synthesis image from a plurality of images
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1. An image photographing apparatus comprising:
a plurality of image capturers respectively comprising lenses having different focal distances and respectively configured to capture a plurality of images having different resolutions;
a storage configured to store the plurality of images captured by the plurality of image capturers;
an image processor configured to adjust properties of the plurality of captured images to correspond to each other;
a controller configured to, in response to a magnification change command being input, control the image processor to synthesize the plurality of captured images of which the properties are adjusted and generate a synthesis image of a magnification changed according to the magnification change command; and
a display configured to display the synthesis image,
wherein the controller determines a movement size based on a movement degree of a subject in a common region included in the plurality of captured images, adjusts a synthesis ratio of a first image from among the plurality of captured images to increase and a synthesis ratio of a remaining second image to decrease in accordance with the determined movement size, and synthesizes the first image and the second image at the adjusted synthesis ratios.