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Image forming apparatus having memorizing control, image forming system, and image formation control method
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1. An image forming apparatus, comprising:
an image forming section to form an image on a paper sheet based on original image data;
an output image reader to read the image formed on the paper sheet by the image forming section and to produce formed image data;
a data memory to memorize various kinds of data;
a processor configured to:
discriminate the contents of the formed image data by comparing the formed image data with the original image data to determine if there is a difference between the formed image data and the original image data, and to produce attribution information which shows the attribute of the formed image data; and
control image formation by the image forming section, reading by the output image reader, and the memorizing by the data memory;
wherein the processor controls the data memory and determines whether or not to make the data memory memorize formed image relating information including the original image data, the formed image data, and the attribution information, in a respective folder for each of the attribution information, based on the determination of whether there is a difference between the formed image data and the original image data.