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Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
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1. An information processing apparatus connectable to a server via a network, the information processing apparatus comprising:
a memory having computer readable instructions stored thereon; and
at least one processor configured to execute the computer readable instructions to,
acquire a first screen including an execution procedure of a first command from the server;
display the acquired first screen on a display device;
in a storage device one or more pieces of command information indicating information on a command permitted to be executed; and
not permit execution of the first command when the one or more pieces of command information stored in the storage device includes no command information corresponding to the execution procedure of the first command selected from the first screen, wherein
the execution procedure of the first command is represented by a uniform resource locator (URL) scheme, and
a header of the URL scheme represents information for identifying an application that executes a command or information for identifying an execution procedure of the command.