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Image forming apparatus
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1. An image forming apparatus, comprising:
plural sensors (a) arranged respectively for plural toner colors and (b) configured to oscillate to generate and output detection signals with frequencies corresponding to toner densities using oscillator circuits;
an analog switch configured to select one detection signal among the detection signals outputted from the plural sensors;
a filter configured to decrease amplitude of the detection signal selected by the analog switch;
a first signal line configured to transmit the detection signal of which the amplitude has been decreased by the filter;
a comparator configured to compare the detection signal transmitted by the first signal line with a predetermined threshold value and output as the detection signal a signal of which a level is set as a high level or a low level in accordance with the comparison result, and thereby increase amplitude of the incoming detection signal transmitted by the first signal line; and
a receiver-side integrated circuit configured to (a) receive at a predetermined port the detection signal of which the amplitude has been increased by the comparator, (b) determine a frequency of the detection signal on the basis of levels of the received detection signal and (c) determine the toner density on the basis of the determined frequency.