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Monitoring of personal and business use of telephony devices
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1. A telecommunication system comprising:
a call-routing circuit configured and arranged to receive and route calls and data transmissions from a plurality of telecommunication devices, each telecommunication device having a respective identifier; and
a processing circuit, configured and arranged to:
determine a first set of the routed calls and data transmissions corresponding to identifiers of the telecommunication devices that are associated with a client account in a database;
using a respective set of classification functions in a policy of the client account, determine whether each of the first set of the calls and data transmissions falls in one of a plurality of different categories based on being related to a business issue and based on a determination of whether a geographic location of the device, at a time of the call or data transmission, is within a designated business region indicated in the policy,
store information indicating the category each of the first set of the calls and data transmissions, and
use an internet-based graphical user interface (GUI) configured and arranged to adjust the policy of the client account in response to input from an authenticated user listed in the policy of the client account.