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Method for connecting users with agents based on user values dynamically determined according to a set of rules or algorithms
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1. A computer-implemented method for routing messages to connect users with agents, the method comprising:
receiving, by an interaction monitor running within a first server, a first message having information identifying a user interaction with content presented via a mobile application running within a mobile device of a user;
retrieving, by a matching engine, a user profile from a user database associated with the user, the user profile containing static user information describing the user;
dynamically collecting, by a real-time data collector hosted by the first server, real-time user information from one or more external data sources via a set of application programming interfaces (APIs);
matching, by the matching engine, the user with a plurality of agents associated with the first server based on the user interaction with the content, the static user information, the real-time user information, and agent profiles of the agents to determine a list of one or more agents, according to a set of agent matching rules that is associated with a client that provides the content; and
transmitting a second message to the mobile application of the mobile device, the second message including the list of one or more agents for user selection, wherein in response to a user selection of a first agent, a communication session is established between the user and the selected agent.