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Spectral diagnostic engine for customer support call center
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1. A diagnostic call center comprising:
a call session log comprising a data storage medium storing diagnostic sessions represented as at least symptoms belonging to a symptoms set and solutions belonging to a solutions set;
a diagnostic engine comprising an electronic data processing device programmed to perform a diagnostic support method including the operations of:
formulating the diagnostic sessions stored in the call session log as a collective matrix having a diagnostic sessions dimension and a diagnostic state descriptors dimension wherein the diagnostic state descriptors dimension includes at least a plurality of symptom fields corresponding to the symptoms of the symptoms set and a plurality of solution fields corresponding to the solutions of the solutions set;
performing collective matrix factorization of the collective matrix to generate a factored collective matrix comprising a sessions factor matrix embedding diagnostic sessions and a descriptors factor matrix embedding diagnostic state descriptors;
embedding an in-progress diagnostic session in the factored collective matrix;
determining one of a predicted solution for the in-progress diagnostic session and a not-yet-acquired probative symptom for the in-progress diagnostic session based on the embedding; and
in response to determining a not-yet-acquired probative symptom, displaying a recommendation to acquire the value of the probative symptom for the in-progress diagnostic session on a display device; and
a call center device providing two-way communication between a customer and a call center agent to conduct the in-progress diagnostic session, the call center device further providing a user interface configured to display to the call center agent the predicted solution or not-yet-acquired probative symptom determined by the diagnostic engine for the in-progress diagnostic session being conducted via the call center device.