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Device, system, and method for optimizing active transactions of an agent
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20. A contact center system comprising:
a server that receives a user request for processing a plurality of transactions that utilizes a real-time or a non-real-time communication channel;
a plurality of agent devices coupled to the server that process the plurality of transactions received by the contact center system;
wherein the server comprises a prioritizing device that prioritizes the plurality of transactions and controls a queue associated with each of the plurality of agent devices;
wherein a first agent is processing an ongoing transaction and an incoming transaction is received by the server requiring utilization of the real-time communication channel, the prioritizing device:
determines a priority value the incoming transaction;
when the priority value is greater than a predetermined threshold value, identifies the agent device to process the incoming transaction;
determines that the first agent device is processing the ongoing transaction on the real-time communication channel and a non-real-time transaction on a non-real-time communication channel concurrently;
transfers the ongoing transaction for the transaction to be processed to the first agent device; and
transfers the incoming transaction to the first agent device.