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Selective voice communication among multiple services
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1. In a voice communication system including a plurality of different voice communication services available to a caller and callee, apparatus for automatically establishing a connection between the caller and the callee over a caller selectable voice communication service through respective communication equipment, comprising:
a storage device containing a database maintained for the caller and accessible by the caller's communication equipment, the database associating a callee with a plurality of different voice communication networks accessible by the callee via a single telecommunication device and storing a caller profile comprising caller preferences associated with a caller;
a set of destination identities in the database for each callee, each destination identity being associated with a different voice communication network;
a destination identity selector operable to automatically select a destination identity for an intended callee based upon a set of pre-established selection criteria for each destination identity and a caller preference, the selection criteria selected from at least one of: a day of the week, a time of day, a service priority assigned by either the caller or the callee to each of the voice communication networks, and a geographic location of the caller and/or the intended callee.