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Providing content to a child mobile device via a parent mobile device
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1. A device, comprising:
one or more processors to:
receive one or more preferences for providing a message-based data service,
the message-based data service communicating using text-based messaging;
provide, based on receiving the one or more preferences, information associated with the one or more preferences to a mobile control application of a mobile device,
the mobile control application prohibiting access, by the mobile device, to a cellular data network based on the one or more preferences and based on at least one of:
a location of the mobile device, or
a combined data usage of the device and the mobile device, and
the mobile control application limiting the mobile device to only obtaining data using the message-based data service;
receive, in a first text message, from the mobile device, and as a result of the mobile control application prohibiting access to the cellular data network, a content request,
the content request identifying content to be obtained via a data connection;
filter, based on receiving the content request and based on the one or more preferences, the content request to generate a filtered request;
obtain, based on filtering the content request, the content via the data connection;
process, based on obtaining the content, the content to generate processed content for providing in a second text message; and
provide, based on processing the content, the processed content to the mobile device in the second text message.