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Method and apparatus for testing cell phones
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1. A phone holder for a mobile phone testing apparatus,
the phone holder comprising:
a base plate,
a rest structure on the base plate configured to support a mobile phone and thereby position the mobile phone parallel to the base plate,
at least one block movably attached to at least one of the base plate and rest structure, the at least one block configured to contact a mobile phone's narrow side and thereby define a mobile phone's position on said rest structure, and
clamping means for releasably fixing the at least one block relative to the at least one of the rest structure and base plate,
the rest structure comprises a layer of an elastic material with at least one suction cup having an opening facing away from the rest structure, the at least one suction cup configured to attach the mobile phone, positioned on the layer of an elastic material, to the rest structure by reducing pressure in the at least one suction cup.