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Ultra-thin and portable cell phone holder
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9. A cell phone holder comprising of a stainless steel support member, a main body, a strutting piece, and an angle adjustment unit, characterized by: a steel support member that is mounted with plastic gaskets, and its bottom secured by an anchoring unit; the main body includes an anchoring unit, a baffle for cradling the bottom portion of cell phone, a locking slot, and a strutting piece with stainless steel strengthening piece inside; the angle adjustment unit is firmly fixed at rear face of the stainless steel support member and is configured with angle adjustment ridges for adjusting to different angles,
wherein the plastic gaskets are two U-shaped connection pieces that slide in and attach onto support member;
wherein the anchoring unit is a fixing device whose connector is the same thickness as the stainless steel support member;
wherein the baffle for cradling the bottom portion of cell phone is a rotatable piece with an adjustable angle of 0-90°;
wherein the stainless steel strengthening piece is a Y-shape;
wherein the angle adjustment ridges has a control range of levels; and wherein the strutting piece has an adjustable angle of 0-90°.