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Apparatus, system and method of controlling data flow over a communication network
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a memory; and
a processor configured to cause a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL) host of a media-agnostic connectivity PAL to:
transmit a first transfer request to a USB PAL device, the first transfer request to initiate transfer of data from a USB endpoint of a USB device to the USB PAL host, the first transfer request comprising a request identifier (ID);
transmit to the USB PAL device a second transfer request comprising a same request ID as the request ID in the first transfer request, when no transfer response is received from the USB PAL device after a first predefined time period; and
following receipt of a transfer response from the USB PAL device comprising the same request ID as the request ID in the first transfer request, and a transfer pending status code indicating that the data is delayed and pending to be received from the USB device, reset a retransmission counter, and wait a second, extended, predefined time period, before an attempt to retransmit the second transfer request.