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Effective circuits in packet-switched networks
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1. A method comprising:
sending, by an end-point sender device, a request to an end-point receiver device connected to the end-point sender device by a packet-switched network, the request associated with a bandwidth reservation from the end-point receiver device and the request indicating a first number of messages that the end-point sender device has to send to the end-point receiver device;
receiving, by the end-point sender device, a response from the end-point receiver device providing clearance to send a second number of messages that is less than the first number of messages to the end-point receiver device using reserved bandwidth of the end-point receiver device, the request and the response creating an effective circuit between the end-point sender device and the end-point receiver device over the packet-switched network; and
in response to creating the effective circuit, sending the second number of messages from the end-point sender device to the end-point receiver device.