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Systems and methods for caching content with notification-based invalidation with extension to clients
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1. A computer-implemented method operable in one or more servers that include circuitry forming one or more processors and memory holding instructions for execution by the one or more processors to perform the method, the method comprising:
receiving a request from a client device;
in response to the request, generating a forward request to a source;
receiving a response to the forward request, the response comprising responsive content and at least one token, the at least one token corresponding to information stored at the source upon which the responsive content depends, wherein the information is distinct from the responsive content and was a basis for the source's construction of the responsive content;
serving the responsive content and the at least one token to the client device, in response to the client device's request;
subsequent to serving the responsive content, receiving a first message indicating that the at least one token is invalid; and
sending a second message to the client device indicating that the at least one token is invalid.