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Distributed self-served application remoting
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15. A system, comprising:
a processor; and
a memory, wherein the memory includes a program, the program being configured to perform operations for self-served application remoting, the operations comprising:
receiving, by the processor, a selection of an application running on the system for remoting,
receiving, by the processor, a selection of a computing device with which a remoting session is to be established, wherein the selection of the computing device is made by a user locally interacting with the system, and wherein the system is not a dedicated server on which applications are provisioned for remoting purposes,
upon the selection of the second computing device, causing the computing device to display an authentication screen for authentication of the user, such that an authentication credential of the user can be entered on the authentication screen by the user locally interacting with the computing device,
upon authentication of the user based on the authentication credential, establishing a remoting session between the system and the computing device,
transmitting, by the processor, user interface updates of the application to the computing device, and
receiving, by the processor, user inputs made at the computing device, wherein the user inputs received by the system are passed to the application running in the system.