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Method and apparatus for collaborating in a work environment
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1. A computer-implemented method executed by one or more computing devices of a centralized server computer for improving collaborative communication, the method comprising:
receiving, by at least one of the one or more computing devices, information corresponding to a user of a collaboration platform, the collaboration platform being associated with a plurality of collaboration channels, wherein the plurality of collaboration channels include a support channel anchored by the server computer, an alert channel anchored by the server computer, and a knowledge channel initially anchored by the server computer;
in response to the server computer experiencing high load, migrating the knowledge channel to be anchored by the client device;
determining, by at least one of the one or more computing devices, that the information corresponding to the user includes a query from the user and at least one of the collaboration channels is most relevant for the user based on the content of the received information;
routing, by at least one of the one or more computing devices, the query from the user to the at least one collaboration channel determined to be the most relevant for the user;
determining by a support user that a discussion is to be bound by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and setting the SLA; and
catching an alert from a web service and raising an alert on the alert channel based on the caught alert from the web service.