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Assessment of service level agreement compliance
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1. A method comprising:
receiving a first synthetic application definition at a synthetic application in a node of a computing system, the first synthetic application definition defining a first plurality of resource consumptions, and a registry including a listing of a plurality of nodes of a computing system and respective addresses corresponding to the plurality of nodes;
wherein the first plurality of resource consumptions are equivalent to consumptions by a candidate application at a first level of user demand;
parsing the first synthetic application definition at the synthetic application to identify the first plurality of resource consumptions;
parsing the registry to identify the plurality of nodes;
consuming, with the synthetic application and based on the identified plurality of nodes and the resource consumptions, a plurality of quantities of resources of the plurality of nodes of the computing system; recording a first performance of the synthetic application; and
evaluating the computing system based upon the first performance, comprising comparing the first performance to a requirement of a service level agreement (SLA).