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Conducting a conference call over a computer network
Hitham A. Assemaly Salama, Blanchardstown (IE); and Diaa Eldin Ali Mohamed Mahmoud, Doha (QA)
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1. A computer-implemented method for conducting
a conference call between a plurality of participants using a conferencing computer hardware system, comprising:
generating, by location, the plurality of participants into a plurality of separate groups;
identifying a plurality of domestic focuses from the plurality of participants;
disconnecting, from the conference call by the conferencing computer hardware system, those of the plurality of participants not selected as a domestic focus; and
routing, by the conference computer hardware system, the conference call only through the plurality of domestic focuses, wherein
a single domestic focus is assigned to each of the plurality of separate groups; and wherein
the grouping is based upon a monitored degradation in call quality of the conference call.