US 9,813,450 B1
Metadata-based verification of artifact quality policy compliance
Muhammad Wasiq, Vancouver (CA); and Nima Sharifi Mehr, Vancouver (CA)
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1. A system, comprising:
one or more artifact repositories of a provider network, including a first repository comprising source code files of a particular service implemented at the provider network; and
one or more computing devices of a quality compliance verifier (QCV);
wherein the QCV is configured to:
identify a set of quality control policies (QCPs) to be implemented for artifacts stored in the first repository, including a particular QCP;
determine one or more metadata categories, such that respective metadata entries of at least a particular metadata category of the one or more metadata categories are accessible to the QCV with respect to at least a subset of the artifacts stored in the first repository, wherein a metadata entry of the particular metadata category indicates an activity status of a corresponding artifact;
obtain a plurality of metadata entries of the particular metadata category, including a first metadata entry corresponding to a first artifact of the first repository and a second metadata entry corresponding to a second artifact of the first repository;
assign, based at least in part on an analysis of the first metadata entry and the second metadata entry, a first priority to a first policy violation detection operation (PVDO) directed to the first artifact, and a lower priority to a second PVDO directed to the second artifact, wherein the first and second PVDOs are associated with the particular QCP; and
based at least in part on a result of the first PVDO, initiate one or more responsive actions to a detection of a violation of the particular QCP.