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Network security analysis using real-time and batch detection engines
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1. A network security breach detection system comprising:
a real-time path including a real-time analysis engine configured to receive first event data indicative of first activity on a computer network, the real-time event analysis engine configured to detect first indicia of possible security breaches in a real-time processing mode based on the first event data, and to generate real-time analysis result data representing the first indicia for output to a user;
a non-volatile storage system to store the real-time analysis result data; and
a batch path including a batch analysis engine configured to operate concurrently with the real-time analysis engine, the batch analysis engine further configured to retrieve, from the non-volatile storage system, the real-time analysis result data and second event data indicative of second activity on the computer network, the first event data and the second event data each including timestamped machine data indicative of performance or operation of a component in an information technology environment, the second event data having been stored in the non-volatile storage system prior to analysis of the first event data by the real-time analysis engine, the batch analysis engine further configured to detect, in a batch mode, second indicia of possible security breaches based on the second event data and the real-time analysis result data.