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Detecting unauthorized risky or inefficient usage of privileged credentials through analysis of task completion timing
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1. A method, implemented by a privileged account management system that comprises at least one processor and memory, for detecting unauthorized, risky, or inefficient usage of admin credentials, the method comprising:
maintaining, by the privileged account management system, a database that defines, for each of a plurality of reason codes, a normal amount of time for performing a task associated with the reason code;
receiving, from a first administrator using a client device, a request for admin credentials to be used to access a first server, the request including a first reason code that identifies a first task that the first administrator intends to perform on the first server;
in response to the request, checking out the admin credentials to the first administrator to enable the first administrator to access the first server;
accessing the database to identify a first normal amount of time that is defined for the first reason code;
tracking an elapsed time over which the admin credentials are checked out to the first administrator;
comparing the elapsed time to the first normal amount of time; and
when the elapsed time exceeds the first normal amount of time by a defined threshold, taking an action to mitigate harm to the server.