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System and method for authenticating and enabling an electronic device in an electronic system
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1. An electronic system comprising:
a protected device;
a requesting device node, executing on a computing system, the requesting device node including:
a device query data packet generator to generate a device query packet including data representing one or more identifiers of the protected device and a particular paired system; and
an authentication key retriever to obtain an authentication key based on the device query data packet from an authentication provisioning node using an external data communication;
an obfuscation state machine of the particular paired system configured with a pre-defined quantity of state elements, a pre-defined quantity of the state elements being functional state elements, the obfuscation state machine being programmed with the authentication key to cause the obfuscation state machine to transition the protected device from an initial obfuscation state to a functional state ; and wherein the protected device being further configured to check a ‘Valid Authentication Key Programmed’ flag and to obtain the authentication key from secure data storage instead of from the authentication provisioning node if the ‘Valid Authentication Key Programmed’ flag is asserted.