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Relay apparatus, relay system, and relay method
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1. A relay apparatus communicatively connected, via a network, to a base relay apparatus arranged within a base network, the relay apparatus comprising:
a communication interface configured to transmit and receive a packet; and
a processor configured to relay the received packet in accordance with a specified rule, wherein
upon receipt of the received packet addressed to a virtual IP (Internet Protocol) address assigned to each of the first devices having a communication function within the base network from a second device having a communication function outside of the base network,
the processor identifies the base relay apparatus that accommodates the first device, to which the virtual IP address is assigned, on the basis of the virtual IP address and a protocol type of the received packet, and also identifies a reception port number of the identified base relay apparatus, which corresponds to a combination of the virtual IP address and the protocol type of the received packet, from among reception port numbers each assigned to a combination of the first device accommodated to identify a transfer destination, and a protocol type, and
the processor relays the received packet from the second device by using the virtual IP address of the first device to determine reception port number of the identified base relay apparatus.