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Framework for scheduling packets with multiple destinations in a virtual output queue network switch
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1. A method for communicating a multi-destination packet through a network switch fabric with a plurality of input and output ports, comprising: receiving the multi-destination packet at an input port of the network switch fabric, wherein the multi-destination packet includes a multicast packet or a broadcast packet that is directed to multiple output ports, and wherein the network switch fabric has a virtual output queue (VOQ) architecture, wherein each input port maintains a separate VOQ for each output port; and sending the multi-destination packet from the input port to the multiple output ports by inserting the multi-destination packet into VOQs associated with the multiple output ports, wherein the multi-destination packet is inserted into the VOQs based on an ordering of the VOQs that is specified by a port order list maintained in the input port, wherein the multi-destination packet includes a portlist comprising a bit vector having a bit for each output port, wherein a bit that is set in the portlist indicates that the multi-destination packet still needs to be inserted into a VOQ for an output port; wherein while inserting the multi-destination packet in each of the VOQs, if a VOQ contains an end of a last complete packet received by the VOQ, the method comprises inserting the multi-destination packet into the VOQ at the end of the last complete packet.