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Migration of files contained on virtual storage to a cloud storage infrastructure
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1. A method comprising:
establishing via a transmitter an application programming interface (API) connection to an enterprise network;
identifying via a processor at least one present allocation parameter being utilized by at least one virtual machine operating on the enterprise network; and
requesting via the transmitter a directory file structure of the enterprise network, determining whether predefined virtual storage volumes are restricted from being analyzed, and identifying via the processor at least one data file physically stored in the directory file structure and included within at least one predefined virtual storage volume for data migration to a remote cloud storage server based on predetermined criteria wherein the predetermined criteria is a present status of the predefined virtual storage volume,
wherein the processor causes a classpath modifier component to configure a classpath broker to add a new path to a classpath environmental variable identifying location of the at least one data file after migration,
wherein when retrieval of the at least one migrated data file is requested, the processor inserts the file into a temporary path created within virtual storage;
wherein a file list of potential candidate files is generated for the data migration to the cloud server and storing the file list in the database; and
wherein the file list is accessed and additional data files to migrate to the cloud storage server are considered.