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System for transmitting concurrent data flows on a network
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1. A system for transmitting concurrent data flows on a network, the data flows being conveyed over the network in atomic transmission units of multiple data words, the system comprising:
a memory containing data of the data flows;
a plurality of queues assigned respectively to the data flows, the plurality of queues being connected to the memory to receive the data words;
a flow regulator configured to: (i) poll the queues in sequence at respective frequencies based on respective rate limits assigned to the queues, and (ii) transmit on the network any full transmission unit available in the queues polled by the flow regulator;
a sequencer configured to poll the queues in a round-robin manner and transmit a data request signal when a filling level of one of the queues polled by the sequencer is below a common threshold for all the queues; and
a direct memory access circuit configured to receive the data request signal and respond to the data request signal by transferring data words from the memory to the corresponding queue to fill space up to the common threshold, even if the available space is insufficient for a transmission unit.